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This section is intended to provide information about the Trekking Packing List, Clothing Backpacking Checklist, and Climbing Gear Equipment requirements. It is not intended to be a final and authoritative checklist. The following is a list of clothing and accessories that we recommend that you take with you. This is not intended to be a comprehensive clothing and equipment list, rather it is intended to act as a reminder of those items that we feel are essential for your comfort and convenience. However, we recommend that you have your own personal preferences for clothing which may be equally as suitable. 


    • ■Walking boots with suitable ankle support that have been worn-in prior to the trek, and which are waterproof
    • ■Trainer or casual shoes for trekking and or for travelling
    • ■Warm Shocks for colder area
    • ■Gaiters, in case of rain or snow
    • ■Ice cleats/griper for shoes if you are trekking in higher altitude icy trails or trekking in winter during snow fall.

     Leg Wear

    • ■Loose, casual trousers for trekking
    • ■Thermal leggings for colder areas
    • ■Long skirt for women as an alternative to trousers
    • ■Waterproof trousers

    Body Wear

    • ■Selection of T-shirts, and long sleeved shirts, preferably not cotton
    • ■Thermal shirt for colder areas
    • ■Warm shirt, possibly fleece, for colder areas
    • ■Fleece jacket or warm wool jumper
    • ■Windproof, waterproof outer shell garment for higher altitudes
    • ■Down jacket (optional for cold nights and mornings; can be hired in Kathmandu cheaply)

    Head and Hands Wear

    • ■Wool or fleece hat, or balaclava
    • ■Hat or cap for sun protection while trekking
    • ■Sunglasses or goggles
    • ■Warm gloves

    Other Items

    • ■Strong rucksack or large hold all to be carried by porters
    • ■Day sack to carry valuables such as passport, cash, camera, travel documents  personally
    • ■Plastic bags or stuff sacks to store/separate trekking gear inside your main bag
    • ■One liter water bottle, Personal first aid kit to include essential items
    • ■3-4 Season sleeping bag, head lamp/torch
    • ■Camera and memory cards, charger, tripod if necessary.
    • ■Large handkerchief/bandana for neck, towel and toiletries.
    • ■Traveling multi-functional pocket knife.

    Optional Items

    • ■Satellite Phone with GPS if you are trekking very high remote area.
    • ■Binocular, Books or an eBook, Altimeter, Compass, Playing cards, backgammon and chess set etc.
    • ■Vacuum flask, a cup, portable spoon/fork and opener etc.

    Recommended Mountaineering KIT

     In addition to the items mentioned above for trekking, the following is a list of the additional specialist items which are required for the trekking peaks.

        Plastic or leather mountaineering boots, with gaiters and crampons that have been tested for a good fit.

     Other Items Packing list for Climbing

    • ■Fleece trousers
    • ■Additional mitts and gloves suitable for climbing
    • ■Ice axe, and ski poles (note - ice axe can be hired in Kathmandu)
    • ■Climbing harness
    • ■2 x tape slings
    • ■2 x screw gate karabiners
    • ■Descended/abseil device
    • ■Ascender 

    Health Travel Packing List

    • ■Travelers' diarrhea antibiotic
    • ■Diabetes testing supplies
    • ■Insulin
    • ■Inhalers
    • ■Epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPens)
    • ■Medical alert bracelet or necklace
    • ■Contact lenses
    • ■Glasses - Consider packing spare glasses in case yours are damaged: - Consider packing spare contacts in case yours are damaged
    • ■Altitude sickness medicine
    • ■Antihistamine
    • ■Motion sickness medicine
    • ■Cough drops
    • ■Cough suppression/expectorant
    • ■Decongestant
    • ■Medicine for pain and fever
    • ■Examples: acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen
    • ■Mild laxative
    • ■Mild sedative or other sleep aid
    • ■Saline nose spray
    • ■Diamox
    • ■Prescribed medicine if your doctor suggests you. 

     Supplies to prevent illness or injury

    • Hand sanitizer or wipes, Water purification tablets, Insect repellent, Permethrin, Sunscreen, Sunglasses and hat, Earplugs, Latex condoms


    First Aid KITS

    • ■1% hydro cortisone cream,
    • ■Anti fungal ointments
    • ■Antibacterial ointments
    • ■Antiseptic wound cleanser
    • ■Aloe gel For sunburns
    • ■Insect bite treatment: - Anti-itch gel or cream
    • ■Bandages: - Multiple sizes, gauze, and adhesive tape
    • ■Moleskin or mole foam for blisters
    • ■Elastic/compression bandage wrap For sprains and strains
    • ■Disposable gloves
    • ■Digital thermometer
    • ■Scissors and safety pins
    • ■Cotton swabs (Q-Tips)
    • ■Tweezers
    • ■Eye drops
    • ■Oral dehydration salts

    And finally, the most important things that you must take with you are a sense of humor, an open mind, and an understanding that a trip to Nepal is an adventure to a land which is very different to your own country


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